Bue Attains 95% Superior Share in Debut Harvest

On April 30, 2024, Bue celebrates its inaugural harvest with an impressive 95% superior share and an average slaughter weight exceeding 4 kilograms following a 10-month production cycle.


Since the first fish stocking in May 2022, Bue has systematically worked on developing the facility and delivering on the company’s post-smolt strategy. Today, the company reached a new milestone with the slaughter of 90 tons of food fish.

95% superior share

Bue has established solid partnerships with sea farmers and has delivered through the first and second batches of post-smolt to Mowi, Bremnes Seashore, and Flokenes Fiskefarm respectively. 

The third batch consisted of fish weighing 100 grams, which were stocked in June 2023 and slaughtered today with an average slaughter weight of over 4 kilograms and a 95% superior share with even size distribution. The largest individual measured over 8 kg, and mortality since stocking has been approximately 2%. 

A total of approximately 600 tons are to be slaughtered before summer. 

“This is a great day for the company and shows that we are on the right track in terms of fish health, technology, and profitability. We have many exciting processes underway for the further development of the company, and the evidence we have received today is a hugely important milestone,” says Knut Eikeland, CEO of Bue Salmon.

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About Bue

Bue Salmon is an aquaculture company with a major focus on land-based facilities for salmon farming. The company was established in 2015 and currently has 15 employees, with headquarters in Florø, a branch office in Leirvik in Hyllestad, and Bergen. 

The company produces salmon at its pilot facility in Bulandet, Askvoll. The pilot facility has a capacity of 1,400 tons of post-smolt and food fish, with a license to produce a total of 5,500 tons in Bulandet. Bue now plans to scale up the site in Bulandet and build a significantly larger land-based food fish facility on Lutelandet. With this expansion, Bue aims to become a leading company in land-based aquaculture, with a combined annual production target of around 50-60,000 tons in the long run.