Bue islanders work with, against, and in one with the elements. Here resistance builds character and communities. The strong currents create resilient, healthier fish – and folks too.

Timeless Traditions

This is an island community rooted in the traditions of fishing. In the past, the Bue Islanders would catch the salmon returning back across the Atlantic to their native Norwegian streams. Knowing when the salmon came in from the sea, the Islanders worked with the elements – on nature’s terms – to maximise the catch.

Today, the island’s fisher folk and fish farmers weave together their proud traditions with modern innovations to harness the current advantage of the pure and powerful North Sea. Building on an old sense of belonging, and a hard-earned resilience, the Bue Islanders continue to refine their unique character and fishing traditions.

Salmon has always been at the heart of fishing here. The bonds between the salmon and the people are timeless. Both swim against the current, and both are stronger and more adaptable. Today, the Bue Islanders may raise the salmon, rather than catch them, but they still do it their own way.