With breakthrough technology combining the traditional with the innovative, our salmon continue to swim against the current, just as they’ve always done.


Sustainable Solutions

Our energy-efficient flow-through system draws clean and natural seawater from the depth of the North Sea, creating perfect conditions for the salmon.

Our system creates the strong sea current that builds the unique characteristics of the Fresh Island Salmon. Just like in the Atlantic Ocean, and in steep Norwegian waterfalls, Bue salmon are raised to accelerate and resist on nature’s terms.

Our onshore facility protects and optimises the conditions for even and healthy growth. Automatic feeding ensures predictable feed distribution. This is how we ensure plenty of nutrition for the entire shoal.

This unique combination of balanced nutrition and swim training is what builds the necessary resilience and perseverance that once would have been needed for the salmon’s competitive battle upstream. Our Fresh Island Salmon gets all that in a safe environment with a predictable strong current.