With advanced land-based flow-through technology, we are aquaculture pioneers. We are going against the current, always looking to the future.

The Growth Strategy

We are on a mission to set a new standard for sustainable aquaculture. Our unique onshore environment protects the ecosystems and the salmon. Fresh Island Salmon are raised in North Atlantic water, with the consumer in mind. The spacious facilities are filled with pure and cold seawater and a strong current, allowing the salmon to realise all of its powerful potential.

Bue delivers robust post-smolt to carefully selected partners. There is a big shortage and a high demand for smolt. We raise thousands of tonnes of Current Made post-smolt from the Talent Factory annually to help meet the market demand, securing a critical part in our partner’s supply chain.

At the same time, we are scaling up the production of harvest-sized Fresh Island Salmon. Our approach is responsible and based on knowledge and experience. Starting with a pilot facility, we will implement improvements for further growth. Our system consists of modules that allow us to scale-up easily.

This approach describes our company ethos well: we carry out controlled iterations, and we document all steps in the process. This is how we ensure stable growth with low risk. We succeed because we learn with the elements. We feel a responsibility to develop evermore innovative aquaculture solutions. So, when we say we will set a new standard, it is because we believe progress arises from working with, against, and in one with the elements. The future is Current Made.